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To cultivate the talents of aspiring radio personalities, providing a platform of free expression through broadcast media, while promoting a healthy balance of news, information, music, and community services to under-served populations, while maintaining four spiritual principles of the Culture: Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun.

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BlackBerry Radio supports unsigned and independent artists of all genres of music. Whether your music is Pop, Hiphop, Soul, Rock or Lite, we play it all. BlackBerry Radio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and we offer artists discounted promotions and marketing. We also help artists with their careers and assist them with music industry knowledge. We educate artists about the music and entertainment industry, and we walk them through setting up music publishing and business setup. BlackBerry Radio offers discounted services to small business. Please contact us for help with your music.

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BlackBerry Radio promotes the individual talents of musicians from all over the world and across more than 100 genres on the platforms of over 100 radio stations within the BlackBerry Radio Network. We don't charge fees for airplay. We also provide free broadcasting education and instruction to aspiring radio personalities, cultivating their skills to prepare them for a career in the broadcast industry.

We teach our personalities the fundamentals of on-air delivery, production and editing and assist with corporate placement. Founded in 2010, BlackBerry Radio Incorporated is dedicated to filling the void in our community by answering to the demands of our listeners for fresh, balanced content, local news and music by local and regional musicians of all genres.

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Program Director BlackBerrySoulRadio

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Bonnie Artiga

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V O L U N T E E R    A S   A N   O N - A I R   P E R S O N A L I T Y  ::  F R E E   T R A I N I N G  ::  N O   E Q U I P M E N T   N E E D E D

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M . C .   S P I C E  |  F O U N D E R,  C R E A T I V E   D I R E C T O R


R & B  /  S O U L  /  POP  /  H I P H O P  ::  A L A B A M A

JaToria Love Jones

Program Director


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