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Hosting Your Own Show: How It  Works

Doing a radio show with BlackBerry Radio is an exciting learning experience. From the first time you hear your show, you’ll fall in love with your voice all over again. No hardware or expensive radio equipment. You can do your whole show with that thing you carry around every day - your cell phone.

​​We make it easy by building the entire radio program around your voice. All you have to do is record your voice, upload the files via email and wait for your show to air. We even write scripts so you don’t have to worry about what to say. Just be yourself and say it your  way when you record. No need to use your radio voice  because your real  voice is  your radio voice.

Once we get your voice files, we produce your show. Your show will air the same time every day or week, while you gain an audience and a following. Now you can host events in your town, because after all, you’re a radio personality now. You can also earn 50% of sponsorship money. 

Now, if you’re ready to start learning radio while hosting your own show, download the FREE Voice Recorder app and the instructions and let’s go! Show ‘em what you got! We'll be with you every step of the way.

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