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College tuition for broadcasting school can cost between $5,000 and $60,000 a year, depending on the course and the college. Most radio stations will hire you if you have the right delivery and a great work ethic. You don't need to have a college degree to make it in the radio and broadcasting industry at all.

     In fact., many of the world's most recognized radio personalities have never been to college and are highly successful.  We train aspiring personalities the fundamentals of radio and voice overs, and give them the tools they need to make it in media. Our radio personalities are volunteers and are a part of our board.

E N T E R T A I N M E N T   N E W S

Become a host of a radio show today and learn as you go with one of the most successful programs in the broadcast industry. Our instructors have over 60 years of combined knowledge of the industry, and we have over 100 radio stations and 100 genres of music.

     If you're interested in becoming a radio personality with us on our Rock, Soul, Hiphop, Latin, Reggae, Lite, Asian, Pop, Talk, Gospel and more, please contact us on our volunteer tab (above) and fill out the online application. There is an annual membership fee of $99 per person, which covers licensing, instruction and production. Make a payment via CashApp and your payment will be matched. The CashTag is $cashandspice and the hit link is

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