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Prince's 1999 album was released in 1982. 

  • Purple Rain
  • Sign O' The Times
  • Controversy
  • For You
  • 1999
  • Parade
  • Art Official Age 
  • 3121 
  • Dirty Mind
  • Lovesexy

BlackBerry Prince Radio is home to everything Prince. We play songs written, performed and produced by Prince. Hear music from artists that have worked with the musical genius, and watch interviews with Prince. Enjoy photos, quotes and info about the man known simply as Prince. Got a Prince story? Email us:

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The most important thing about the legacy of Prince is this: He was a Believer of God.

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United States release of 

Dinner With Delores, 

Prince's first single from

the Chaos And Disorderalbum.


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