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​Gunfire is the main cause of death among young men in our community, causing fear inthe hearts of the people who live here. “Crews” and “blocks” that our young men are claiming to own divide the inner cities; terrorizing members of these communities. We desire to bring the young and older generation together in an effort to fill the void in fatherless homes, which leave young men vulnerable to the elements of the streets and the influence of gang culture.

The prime focus of our organization are the young men traumatized by the psychological damage suffered after witnessing or being left to endure the pain and fear of losing a friend or loved one to murder. These young men are at risk of repeating the violent act toward a rival, or becoming a victim themselves. We, as Black men, have stood aside and allowed this to happen. Now, more than ever, we need to step in and change our community for the better.

We invite the men who make up members of your team to attend this event and join us in our cause to eradicate gun violence in Boston. Your taking the time to read this letter is greatly appreciated. We are not charging men for this formal event (men will be asked to wear tuxes) and there will be no alcohol served. We pray all is well with you, and thank you for your consideration. We hope to have your help with this event. In return, we will mention your donation on our website; all of our flyers and advertisement; via digital media; our youtube channel; radio voice overs, and all social media outlets, including the Facebook group “I Grew Up in Roxbury” (5900 members at the time of this request).

Please help us with this very important program. Monetary donations can be made at the top of this page.



Help with domestic violence trauma
Childhood visitation assistance
Home and job search assistance
Mental Health awareness and resources
Gang life alternatives
Probation violation intervention
Parent Workshops and Mediation
Parenting Plans
Expunging felony records
12-Step Brotherhood Program
Ten Boys Initiative
Young Men Mentoring
Race Relations Initiative

Anger Management

Substance abuse intervention/counseling

Our charity, My Family Advocate, ManUp America and BlackBerry Radio, are planning an anti-violence brunch to help spread awareness about the importance of Black men’s roles in the lives of their children,

and children of our community.  BlackBerry Radio Incorporated is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and serves as the fiscal agent for My Family Advocate and ManUp America.

As you know, Black men - particularly young Black men – are falling victim to violent crime and murder in our community. We are requesting a donation in any amount to help us with this campaign to eradicate gun violence and help us with the cost of this free event to be held in  Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island on Father's Day 2020.