BlackBerry Radio Network hosts over 100 radio stations and over 100 genres of music from unsigned, independent and established artists hailing from all parts of the world. We NEVER charge for airplay, and we give artists a platform to showcase their talent. Some of our volunteer BlackBerry Radio personalities are trained by us and broadcast live from various locations, including the UK, Virginia and New Jersey.

Some of the artists we support include: Shadina, Boni Facia, Dannie, Coco Ricci & London Dior, Gayla James, Habaka Kay Foster Jackson & more. Get your music heard on BlackBerry Radio. Fill out the online form, then send a photo, bio and mp3 music to: No links to youtube or other pages accepted.

BlackBerry Radio Incorporated is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We rely on donations from listeners, corporations and the public to continue our stations programs. Your donation is tax deductible. Tax ID: 47-485-2358

Choose a genre to hear a BlackBerry Radio Network station. We play over

100 genres of music, and 50% of our music is unsigned and independent.