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Navigating the family court system can be intimidating and frightening to fathers who simply want to maintain a healthy relationship with their children. The cost of preparing, serving and litigating child visitation and custody is overwhelming to fathers who can't afford to go back and forth to court to assert their rights.

Our program My Family Advocate, helps fathers win and maintain their visitation rights with their children. We help draft your case and we show you what and how to file. Our Premium Package includes and annual Custody Coach, who will walk you through your entire case every week to ensure you are well-prepared for your court dates. Today is the day to make a difference for your child. Contact us to get started with the program. We're available at 617-297-7423

Basic Package

Get the Visitation and Custody help you need and get your child back in your life. Let us show you how to win in Family Court when we show you how to prepare, serve and litigate your case. Get This Package!

Premium Package

Get the annual package and we will provide you with a custody coach who will show you step by step how to write, prepare, file and litigate your case as a Pro Se litigant. You can win your case. Get This Package!

Premium $129.99

BlackBerry Radio Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. We aren't just a radio station; we offer valuable community services, including My Family Advocate services, which help fathers navigate the courts and win their visitation rights.

Basic $49.99

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