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Want to volunteer? Here is the information and application

​We have various positions available, and it will literally take you 15-30 minutes to record a  4-hour show. If you are interested, please download  fill out the attached Volunteer Application. We provide radio and media training to aspiring radio personalities, while teaching them the fundamentals of the broadcast industry. Many of our former interns have gone on to work at some of the country's largest radio stations and we have over 60 years combined experience in the industry. Become a member by joining as a volunteer and get valuable experience and training. Annual Membership dues are only $99 and as you learn, you will host a radio show and save on the costs of media school or communications college.

All Personalities and Directors are board members. Board members are expected to make an annual financial contribution that would be considered generous for them.

We train personalities and build their shows. Our volunteer production board will create your full show for you. All you need to do is record your voice and send it to us.  We schedule your show, load your files, and market your show across our social media platforms and networks. We handle the PR and get your name out there. Each month, we send you a copy of your Aircheck, which you can use to gain employment in the Broadcast Radio Industry. You will find the experience of volunteering with us, exciting and very rewarding. Hope to have you join our BlackBerry Radio family.

Are you ready to become a member? Click to make your Membership Due Contribution below:

To see how recording a show works, please read here:
The voice record pro recording app is free and you can get it here:



Please read the instructions that come with it.

Please let us know the name of your show title (fill it in with the application) 

The application is linked above.

We will create a fanpage for you on Facebook. Please provide at least 4 pics for us.

Please read the following script when you complete the download of your app:

"BlackBerry Radio. I'm _____________, welcome to the show. For the best music, keep it where you got it. We are"

You will receive your radio scripts for your show, once you have been approved and added to our lineup. Your first show will begin with 7 days of confirmation. YOUR CASHAPP MEMBERSHIP FEES AND DONATIONS ARE MATCHED. Please make your annual $99 volunteer membership fee* via our CashApp link at: or with the Cash Tag $cashandpice 

The CashApp does not accept credit card payments, please have a debit card handy. For credit cards,go to the donorbox link here:

The annual membership fee qualifies you with voting powers as a board member. You will be allowed to add your vote for individuals you believe should be on our team. Membership dues are non-refundable. A portion of the fees, memberships, donations and sponsorship we receive helps us with license fees, filing fees, operating and marketing costs. BlackBerry Radio Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


We need a few Good People

Volunteer with Blackberry Radio as a Radio Personality or in many of our departments. BlackBerry Radio is always in need of good people to help us with the following work:

  • Radio Personalities
  • Voice Overs
  • App Development
  • Copy Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Music Enhancement
  • Show Production
  • Fundraisers
  • Grant Writers
  • Program Directors
  • Music Directors
  • ​Show Development