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BlackBerryRadio is a community-driven radio company and we use the power of communication to solve some community problems.

Since 2007, our Custody Advocate program has helped many children reconnect with parents caught up in the matrix and bureaucracy of the family court system, which we feel is designed to break families apart rather than helping them.

Our efforts and work in the courts with families is well-documented and our fight to reestablish the importance of family is our main purpose and goal. Our reason for existing is to do good in the world.


BlackBerryRadio's focus is more than just radio. We are there when our youth are in need of services and offer alternatives to legal troubles by showing teens how to host and operate their own radio programs, giving them valuable lessons to take and use anywhere.

We need you to help with mental health awareness, serve as a radio personality, help raise funds, and join us in making our community a better place to live, work and play.

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